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Meadows Shopping Center - Common Corridor Meadows Shopping Center
Common Corridor
Terre Haute, Indiana

Computer Rendering - Retail Center - Fishers, IN Computer Rendering
Retail Center
Fishers, Indiana

Computer Rendering - Pine Valley Shopping Center Computer Rendering
Pine Valley Shopping Center
Fort Wayne, Indiana

Pine Valley Shopping Center - photo Pine Valley Shopping Center
Photo of Expansion
Ft. Wayne, Indiana

Indiana Oxygen Indiana Oxygen
Fishers, Indiana

Manpower Offices - Indianapolis Indiana Manpower Offices
Indianapolis, IN

Plaza North Shopping Center - Renovation & Image Enhancement Plaza North Shopping Center
Renovation and Image Enhancement
Terre Haute, Indiana

Meadows Shopping Center - Expansion - Terre Haute Meadows Shopping Center
Terre Haute, Indiana

Keller Rivest Keller Rivest
Indianapolis, Indiana

Ritter's Frozen Custard - Carmel Indiana Ritter's Frozen Custard
Carmel, Indiana

Bern's Construction - Remodel and Addition Bern's Construction
Remodel and Addition
Indianapolis, Indiana

Island Club Apartments - Fire Rebuild - Indianapolis Island Club Apartments
Fire Rebuild
Indianapolis, Indiana

Brookside - Under Construction - Indianapolis Brookside
Under Construction
Indianapolis, Indiana

Design and Construction Process


The following describes those functions that typically make up a full architectural service.  We tailor our architectural involvement to suit your particular needs and requirements so this process may be more than your project requires.


We believe the architectural process begins with getting to know our clients and their specific needs.  We develop a comprehensive building program, if requested, that includes spatial size, functions, relationships and requirements.

We welcome input from all building users.

Programming typically includes site analysis, building placement, orientation, zoning and code analysis, determination of construction budget and target completion dates.

Programming typically represents approximately 5% of a full architectural service.


Preliminary Design

Using the Building Program as a basis for common understanding and development guideline, we begin to work out two-dimensional spatial relationships and schematic floor plans.  

Concurrently, we begin to look at schematic building elevations to explore various options for exterior building materials and overall architectural style.

We present preliminary drawings to our clients for their review and comment.   Of course we welcome any and all questions at this phase of the process.    

We have the ability to quickly bring our concepts closer to reality by using computer generated 3-D modeling and rendering techniques.  These are often very helpful aids for generating quick owner interest and feedback.

Preliminary design typically represents approximately 10% of a full architectural service.

Design Development

Upon approval of the Preliminary Design, we will begin to refine the design and start integrating the various building systems and components.

Civil/Site, Structural, Plumbing, Mechanical, Electrical Power and Lighting, Communications, Data and Security Systems will be integrated with the architectural design intent.

Interior Design elements will be determined.  Any special equipment needs will be identified.

We will coordinate the various engineering design efforts to develop a unified building package.

Design Development typically represents approximately 20% of a full architectural service.

Construction Documents

Construction documents will consist of drawings and specifications based on the approved design development package. 

The drawings will be reproduced and bound into sets for submittal to the various governmental review agencies and general contractor bidding.

Final architectural renderings and models of the project can be made if requested.

The Construction Document Phase typically represents approximately 30% of a full architectural service.


Depending on the type and complexity of the building project, we will coordinate with consultants who specialize in engineering disciplines that complement the architectural design.  These may include civil/site/environmental, structural, mechanical, acoustical, plumbing, electrical and lighting engineering consultants.


If requested, we will provide interior design services that can range from selecting room finishes to full detailing of interior elements, color finish schedules and furnishings selections.


Bidding and Negotiation

We will assist the Owner with contractor bidding and generally be available for questions and answers during the bidding process. 

We generally like to hold a Pre-bid Meeting with the contractors to go over the scope of work.

If necessary we will issue an Addendum to the Construction Documents in order to clarify the design intent.

If there is a public bid opening we will attend.

If requested we will offer our recommendations of contractor selection.

Bidding and Negotiation typically represents approximately 5% of a full architectural service.

Construction Field Observation

We like to hold a Pre-Construction Meeting to kick-off the actual construction project with all contractors, sub-contractors and owner representatives in attendance.

We will ask for a construction schedule and go over project concerns of both the Owner and the Contractor.

During the course of the construction we will recommend holding periodic Construction Progress Meetings so that any construction related issues can be openly discussed.

We will review contractor submitted material samples, mock-ups and shop drawings for conformance to the architectural design intent.

We will make periodic observations of the actual construction with a trained eye for conformance with the construction documents.  

We will review contractor payment requests.
A complete construction administration phase typically represents approximately 25% of a full architectural involvement.

Project Close-out

We will review the construction project for Substantial Completion.

We will coordinate the issuance of "As-Built” documents for archival, maintenance and record keeping purposes.

Building systems are tested for proper function.  The Owner is given training in operating and maintaining the various building systems.

Project Close-out typically represents approximately 5% of a full architectural service.

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